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Canine Vaccinations

It is important that your puppy get all its vaccination and deworming treatments. Almost all puppies have some type of gastrointestinal parasites or worms. They pick these up from the dirt/soil, other puppies' fecal material, and in some cases they pick them up when they nurse from their mother. It is important that puppies get at least 2 deworming treatments to prevent common parasitic infection. Please bring a fresh fecal sample from your puppy at its first visit so that we can test and evaluate for gastrointestinal parasites.

Puppies are born with maternal antibodies that help prevent infection and disease. The maternal antibodies interfere with vaccination and prevent the vaccine from stimulating an immune response. If we vaccinate puppies too early in life, it does no good because these antibodies interfere and the puppies never gain protetion against the disease. These maternal antibodies start to go away sometime between 9-16 weeks of age. This is the most vulnerable time for puppies. We recommend 3 sets of vaccinations between 9-16 weeks of age because it is impossible to know when each puppy loses these maternal antibodies and we want to make sure they are protected. We recommend the following vaccines:

DISTERMPER/PARVO vaccine every 3 weeks from 9-16 weeks of age. It is important to keep your puppy isolated until all three vaccines are given.

RABIES vaccine between 12-16 weeks of age; this can be done at the same time as a spay/neuter procedure.

BORDETELLA vaccine between 12-16 weeks of age ONLY if boarded, kenneled or attends classes, doggy day care, doggy parks, etc.

Your dog will need a booster vaccine for Rabies and Distempter/parvo yearly, along with a physical examination yearly. We send reminder cards when your dog is due for vaccines.

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